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Local NA Announcements    

  • Spotlight Meeting!  Help support the 7pm Wednesday night meeting, Possi Talk. 


  • Lakeside area presents Service Slam on May 26th at 2pm.  There will be GSR presentations, a scavenger hunt, special raffle, food, and so much more!  It will take place at the Fernwood Recreation site in Layton. See Flyer 

  • On May 27th Justin G. will be sharing his experience, strength, and hope at the Kleansville meeting at 8pm.

  • On May 31st the T.G.I.F. meeting will be a fireside meeting held at Nicholls Park on 1105 Nicholls Rd. in Fruits Heights at 7pm.  Come early and stay late for hotdogs and s'mores! 

  • On June 2nd the RTU group will be holding their 5th Annual Birthday Party following the area meeting.  See Flyer  

  • Celebration Of Recovery Convention will be taking place in Vernal, UT on June 7th-9th.  This is a 100% free convention, no registration fees, and free food will be served.  For more information See Flyer.

  • On June 29th the RTU group in Evanston will be holding a S'more Meeting.  The regular RTU Saturday night meeting will take place at 7pm. The Smore Meeting will follow at about 8:30pm.  Show up to the fire pit at the Bear River State Park walkway. See Flyer

  • Campvention 41 registration is open !!  The location will be Weber Memorial Campground on September 13th-15th, 2024.  The entertainment for the weekend will include: speakers, food, workshops, recreation, campkids, and lots more !!  Visit today to get your pre registration gift !! Merchandise is coming soon ! See Flyer

  • Public Relations/Hospitals & Institutions has open positions that need your support.  Open positions include: a Jail Coordinator, PR chair, and addicts to take meetings into Elevations.  Show up to Davis Behavioral Health on the first Sunday of every month at 3:45pm.  

  • The area treasurer is now accepting Venmo donations from home groups.

  • Please consider a monthly contribution to NA World Services equal to $1 per year Clean Time. NAWS Donation Link 

  • For updates to the website or to add an announcement please contact Brittney P at this phone number.



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